Monday, September 14, 2009


Iggy Pop - Passenger

Julian Plenti is...

Interpol frontman Paul Banks has apparently been playing shows under the moniker Julian Plenti for several years now, with some of the songs off his debut solo release 'Julian Plenti is...Skyscraper' written more than ten years ago. although Banks' vocals are so distinctly Interpol, its sad to say that as a solo artist he falls a little short of the bands achievements.

Julian Plenti - Unwind


The xx are a quartet hailing from london who met in school due a shared love of dark 80's music. the recently released debut 'xx' is a soft sounding album that heads in a different direction to the steady flow of noise pop emerging from the u.k.

The Xx - Islands
The Xx - Shelter

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

moshing is good for your HEALTH

Q. The Antlers are.....

a) an organised group of rowdy University of Missouri student basketball fans known for heckling the opposing team

b) an indie rock band from Brooklyn

c) large and complex bony appendages of most deer species

All are in fact correct however b) is the answer we’re looking for. The Antlers are an indie rock band based in Brooklyn celebrating the second coming of the previously self-released Hospice. Although the lyrical content gets a little heavy at times, that can be expected from an album about the death of a cancer patient. Hospice is the bands first full album and is a slightly confronting, but powerful offering.

The Antlers - Bear

Monday, August 17, 2009

where were you in 02?

i was in high school but i'm pretty sure i wasn't being played on national radio. a finalist in this year's JJJ Unearthed High, Tim & Jean aren't doing anything groundbreaking but they are making some very fun synthy electro-pop.

Tim & Jean - Come Around

while we are on the topic of JJJ Unearthed, melbourne's Seth Sentry has another track on high rotation. probably the only australian hip-hop i have ever been excited about.

Seth Sentry - Simple Game

MGMT woke up in Mick Jagger's bed with Debbie Harry

that's the self proclaimed sound of Austin nine piece Til We're Blue or Destroy. an interesting name brings an interesting take on guitar driven dance-pop and apparently a great live show. don't like the odds of them hitting our shores any time soon, so in the meantime....

Til We're Blue or Destroy - All Shook Up


Saturday, August 15, 2009

the only pain should be champagne

"you are probably sitting in your room listening to instrumental music"

more than two years in the making, Decoder Ring return with a double album full of experimental, atmospheric instrumentals. "They Blind The Stars, And The Wild Team" is out now and the first taste is free!

Decoder Ring - Beat The Twilight

a little something on the side

more beautiful music from Justin Vernon (of Bon Iver fame). so much love for anything he touches. the collaboration with Collection of Colonies of Bees is no exception.

Volcano Choir - Island, IS